Thursday, January 26, 2017

STYLE THAT: China and Bar Cabinets Edition

Styling: The art of arranging ordinary and unique items alike to tell a story of uniformity, organization, decorative taste within a beautiful design.

Styling - you can love it or hate it. Maybe it makes you hyperventilate thinking about having to arrange vases or books on a nightstand or what to put on a mantel... well TCI is about to embark on a series throughout 2017 about styling each area of your home.

Today we start with a fav ... Bar and China Cabinets 

1. Simplicity Rules:
In this unique bar built-in, we chose to use all white glass and ceramic pieces to create a uniform look. By only adding a few pieces to each glass shelf, it's easy on the eye, beautiful on the shelf and all in all simple to carry out

2. Materials and Finishes play into styling:
As we designed this bar, the beautiful caramel color we chose for the cabinets played into the copper accessories we used throughout. 

3. Stand alone bar carts can be just as fun:
A couple glasses, a simple bottle and one fun accessory can turn it into a WOW

4. Display person collections:
These types of cabinets are perfect places for collections. It comes down to the arrangement of these items to make them look spot on. Group like items .. create symmetry with colors and items...add in a simple accessory to break up lots of like items

A wine room for all. What a beautiful space to display a collection and hobby of this homeowner. We created space for display, a "wow factor" of a backlit beauty, and functional storage all in one!

Style that .... and get to work!

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