Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rest Easy... Sleeping Beauty

When you come home from a long day do you look forward to diving into your pile of sheets and pillows or are you dreading the itchy sheets or hard pillows?

What you put on your bed and IN your bed makes all the difference.

How to make the most restful experience also a design experience:
Our TOP choice is always this... WASHABLE BEDDING:
There are so many beautiful bedding designs out there... that are NOT washable.  

And that is NOT practical. Your bedding is what gets some of the most use in your everyday life. Why in the world would it not be washable.  
This is a must for us and our "ease of glamour" mentality that we live and design by.

What is the one thing you think of when you think of bed comfort? 
But one rule of thumb by TCI. Yes, it IS possible to have one too many pillows. We like to have enough to be comfortable, but not so many to overdo.

Something that always steps up the comfort is ... 
adding a second duvet (or blanket or throw) placed over the end of the bed. 

And last but not least, don't forget about the headboard! The comfort of the headboard IS where you will rest your head as you sit up in bed, watch TV or read a book!

Sleep tight!
*all photos are designs by TCI!

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