Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Raise a Glass to Home Bars

Home bars are becoming quite the trend in many of the homes we are designing today!

The allow for :
- Extra space
- Storage needs met
- And Beauty

We found 6 well designed bars on Houzz that we loved and want to tell you WHY:

1. The Unique Wine Storage:
They not only took their design theme by the horns, but incorporated it into a shaped bottle holder on the wall!

2. Using the "natural color" as the pop:
By creating all the interiors to be black, white and gray, they allowed the beauty of the exterior to be the color pop of the space.

3. Backlit beauty:
We are ALL about backlighting and we love this medium used here!

4. Sleek and Sophisticated:
We love the formed lines and straight design of this dark, masculine bar

5. Secret Hideaway:
For those that are lacking for space, this closet designed bar is the perfect match!

6. Simple and Clean:
This looks like lots of bars we have done, and we love the simplistic beauty about them!

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