Thursday, September 8, 2016

Artificial Turf Used Inside and Out

One might not think to use artificial turf in a residential setting, but we have recently run across an article that sparked our interest in using this synthetic material both INSIDE and OUT in a residential home.

We put our knowledge to good use in this incredible patio designed by Traci Connell Interiors. With a backyard full of artificial turf, the green grass stays in tip top condition all year round!

Check out these uses and comment below to tell us your favorite!

Turf ART.
What a way to throw the green color around a space. Cut pieces of turf used on the wall in between molding turned this staircase into excitement 

Playroom Floor:
Kids are rough on their stuff, so what better to put under their feet but a rug of astroturf

Peaceful Patio:
You always want the surrounding grass around the livable part of your patio to be well groomed, no rough patches or unsatisfactory feelings beneath your feet ... artificial turf is a low maintenance way to create the perfect ambiance outdoors

Open Air Room Rug:
Would you do this?? Instead of a wool rug, think of it as a jute or sisal natural rug but turf!

Art Again:
Use as a wall covering option and theme a room instantly

These poufs are simply perfect on this patio when covered in turf for a pop of color and texture.

Let us know what you think!

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