Wednesday, July 20, 2016

HOW TO: Make a Large Room Cozy

Without fail, one of the largest design "fads" of today is big, expansive rooms. 
Opening things up, spreading rooms out and keeping them spacious is something many people love and desire. 

But when it comes to these large rooms, many people have a hard time visualizing how to turn a large "empty" room into something warm and inviting.

We've researched high and wide to compile our favorite 4 tips for doing just that. Enjoy 4 of TCI's favorite projects below:

1. Select a Statement Color: 
While keeping things white and airy throughout the space, we love to select one particular hue to bounce around the room.

2. Repeat a Pattern:
Pulling a pattern from a pillow and popping it in the drapery or another piece of furniture helps to bring the room together.

3. Maximize Seating:
Switch up the types of seating from sofas to chairs to benches. This will allow for different seating options as well as grounding the room.

4. Use Thoughtful Details:
Always place unique and special details in the space to make it your own.

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