Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Client Projects: A Masculine Space for a Highland Park Dad

A masculine space - what characterizes this unique style and idea?

We just recently completed this gorgeous space for a dad wanting to create a comfortable but masculine household for he and his son in Highland Park.

TCI is here to explain what tips we used for turning this space into a livable, comfy and well styled home for this bachelor pad of two. A father and his son.

1. Color Palette:
Mixing of grays and tans. We feel a color scheme that relates to men are usually 
darker colors but we love to pair them with different shades of neutral tones to 
create its own color palette.

2. Oversized Art:
Instead of "trinket items" or collages we chose to go big or go home. Using one main piece of art in a LARGE way instead of multiple small pieces speaks more to the men.

3. Animal Texture:
We love the modern interpretation of animal skin that is out there in the design world today. This hair on hide patchwork rug was the perfect addition to the space.

A couple sneak peeks from the other rooms in the house!
We completed the son's bedroom and master bedroom as well and love the way they both turned out.

This airplane inspired room gave this little boy all smiles:

The master bedroom is a wonderful statement of color and uniqueness with an 
abstract art piece above the bed. 

We are excited for this bachelor pad to explode with a great design style yet comfortable to live in for this dad and his son.

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