Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TCI's One of a Kind Entrances: Part 2: The Stairway

Continuing with our series on ENTRANCES and ensuring they make just the right impact to set the stage for a house ... we bring you STAIRCASES.

Did you know so much can change within a stairway to really set a whole 
new look?

Take this recent completed project by TCI for example, this clean and simple staircase is made up of many parts:

- simplistic balusters
- wood treads and painted white risers to set each step apart
- unique assembly of the baluster adhering to the staircase. Instead of just coming straight down into the tread of the stair, it wraps around the stair itself and is joined in beneath

Take a look below for several of our IN CONSTRUCTION staircases that are currently being built, and some tips to creating the perfect stairway.

1. Ease of turns and directions in a staircase - a quick and simple landing can provide just the needed break of the eye visually, and physically as you continue up the stairway

2. Geometric Balusters: We love getting creative with the baluster designs .. 
as long as it stays clean and simple. Nothing too ornate.

3. Mix of Materials: Mixing an iron baluster and rail with a wood step gives the 
staircase something to boast about.

(Two views of an in-progress TCI build)

4. Lastly, add something unique! This may have nothing to do with the staircase itself. Like this completed TCI project below: We are loving this modern wood floral that just transforms this wall and brings all the attention to this entrance!

Thanks for staying tuned for our series on Entrances!

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