Thursday, May 19, 2016

One of a Kind Entrance: Part 1 :Custom Front Doors

One part of a custom home build is designing custom doors and staircases 
down to the "T"!

Here at TCI, we like to design CUSTOM doors because they are just THAT much more special and unique. 

We can draft out the design by drawing exactly what we want the door to look like ...

Take a look at this line drawing in comparison with the IN-PROGRESS construction shot
of our builds in Newman Village in Frisco.

Three TIPS to custom door design:
1. Repetitive Designs - This helps to give the door some "rhythm"
2. Geometric Shapes - Doors with geometric patterns become less busy
3. Effective Light Passage - Leave enough glass through the iron design for an ample amount of light to pass through.

For a more intricate design, check out this custom door below
in a new build in Starwood!

Stay tuned for custom STAIR RAIL designs next!

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