Thursday, March 3, 2016

Top Requests of Homeowners THIS YEAR Part 2

Style are ever-changing and growing into "new" styles each and every day. And this year is no different. What is another fad of the year so far?

Soft Contemporary

Homeowners no longer want the heavy traditional look that is "of the past" but many don't want ultra-modern either! What is the in-between look that we love so much?? 

A transitional look WE specialize in! 

What characterizes a "soft contemporary" and transitional home? These 4 clues will get you on the right track immediately.

- White Walls and Trim
We love the white on white look and it gives us all the feels. The good feels, the happy feels and the we-want-more feels.

See more of this TCI Project HERE

- Simpler Wide Open Spaces
Combo rooms is the name of the game. Giant spaces that encompass living/dining/and cooking all in one.

See more of this TCI Project HERE

- Light Cabinets with Smaller Hardware
This look is just easier on the eye. It's that simple. Out with the dark, in with the light.

See more of this TCI Project HERE

- Floor to Ceiling Steel Windows
Less wood to block the view through the window and more glass to see through. We love this steel door idea and even got to utilize it on our newest project that ONLY YOU are getting a sneak peek of right now!

 Sneak peek of a BRAND NEW TCI Project

 Sneak peek of a BRAND NEW TCI Project

This wraps up our series on requests that YOU, the homeowner, want THIS year. If you need help implementing don't hesitate to call US!

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