Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top Requests of Homeowners THIS YEAR Part 1

We have been reading some interesting statistics that (the homeowner) are asking for this year. We are loving the new ideas and thoughts that are being brought up.

Here is one of our favorite:


What is this?? Read below to find out!
We are currently working on a "barn" and couldn't be more excited about the modern rustic nature to it.

We like to describe it in the following few points:
Like an old barn might have a "new" twist on something exciting, we strive to make that design happen in your home

1. Mixing the new with the old elements-
Creating a nice middle point for the design
See more of this TCI project HERE

2. Reclaimed Wood -
Used in floors, furniture and doors
See more of this TCI Project HERE

3. Glass and Metal - 
Whether in furniture or building materials, this concepts brings "barn" to a new level

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