Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What's your STYLE?

We get this question a.LOT. 
How do I know what my "style" is? What IS my style?

Well that is OUR job to help narrow in to what your "style" really is, or what you like to see in your home. 

If you are curious as to what you might be drawn to, 
check out these questions and tips to give yourself a head start!

1. Consider the mood you want to create at home.
Do you want minimal, clean and open, or warm and cozy? This says a lot about the color palette you may be drawn to, or types of accessories you'd use in your home. Also, the lighting plays a huge factor in this category.

2. List the sort of things you’d choose if price were no object.
What are you drawn to? Shiny and flashy or rustic and vintage? When you take money out of the equation, many times you can get to the root of the "style" you are going for.
(sneak peek of a new TCI project!)

3. Look to your wardrobe. 
Believe it or not, many people dress like they decorate. Are your clothes simplistic and solid, or multi-colored and decked out?

4. Pay equal attention to what you don’t like.
This is very important. Most people can tell us what they DON'T like, but have a hard time telling us what they DO like. What you don't like is equally important because we base many things off this.
(sneak peek of a new TCI project!)

Good luck style-hunting!

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