Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Ultimate Teen Hangout

When you're a teen ... a space is everything. 

A place to "hang", dream, imagine and invite friends! And what more could you want but to have that place in your own home??

We have completed a few of these "teen hang outs" and want to share our top 3 tips for creating a space your teen will love. Check out the rooms designed by TCI below as well!

1. One unique statement furniture piece:
Having that cool stool, or floating chair, or banquette style sofa --- is more "cool" than the parent's even realize. It's the little things ;)

2. Pillows, pillows and more pillows:
These add comfort, color and the kids can throw them around without damaging ANYTHING 

3. Bring the walls to life:
Whether it's through wallpaper or a statement art piece, the walls speak volumes and teens LOVE that.

Do you have a teen in your life?!?! CALL US!

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