Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How To ... Give your Kitchen a WOW Factor

So much goes into a kitchen.
- cabinet design
- tile
- stone
- plumbing
- lighting
- appliances
..... and thats just to mention a FEW!

We are knee deep in kitchen designs, so we picked some of our
favorite ideas to share-

So how do you bring all this together and make it PERFECT?!

Here's a few tips from Houzz that we like to put to good use!

1. Create a Focal Wall
By using materials or paint, one single wall can turn into the center of attention and make the rest of the kitchen seemingly less important

2. Use Bright Accents 
Using simple kitchen utensils OR with linens you can pop a neutral kitchen into high gear

3. Mix Materials
We love the look of this kitchen as they mixed raw wood with painted wood.

4. Make Task Lighting a Focal Point
Lighting is always a crowd favorite. You set the style of your room by your lighting ... 
choose wisely

5. Clear Up the Clutter
No one likes a kitchen full of junk, or countertops so packed you can't even cook!

Which tips will you implement first?!

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