Thursday, October 29, 2015

6 Cost Efficient DIY Ideas for Children's Bedrooms

Kids bedrooms are a place to let go and have fun! 

But we don't always want to spend top dollar for these spaces as well know they will be "well loved" ;) 

Here's a few tips on how YOU can fancy-up your kiddo's bedroom while keeping the budget in tact and having fun!

1. Old wallpaper books: Find a few that a local store is throwing out, and use them to cover the backs of bookcases or make a new design on a wall or closet door.

2. Large Washi Tape: Abaca Interiors used washi tape in modern patterns to create a fun, geometric design.

3. Fabric Art - Cover a canvas or picture frame with a fun, bright colored piece of fabric!

4. Embroidery Hoops - Large and Small, add colorful fabric for a unique look

5. Fabric Pendants - These add fun and flair to any room for close to nothing cost!

6. Wall Decals - These come in all shapes and sizes -- but add a whole new dimension to the space!

Now it's your turn !! Go and jazz up a kids bedroom!!

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