Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Custom Build Series - New Orleans Inspired Home Part 2: Storefront Windows

You might remember Part 1 of our Custom Build Series on this beautiful house! 

Well now we are a little farther along, more pieces are installed, and it's looking 
more like a home each day!

Our latest inspiration that has become a reality is the STOREFRONT Like WINDOWS that take over this beautiful facade.

An aluminum and glass combination window that frames your view as you peer through.

These metal Rehme windows are not commercial but residential and 
offer many benefits to homeowners.

"This thin, yet stout material reduces sight lines, allowing maximum glass to enjoy the view beyond. In spite of thinner profiles, we are still able to produce extra-large unitized assemblies with integrated, fully-welded, steel thresholds, which reduces the amount of field mulling and assembly." 

We had this inspiration from the beginning as we honed in on important details
 in the design.

The black framed windows and doors throughout the home make for a stunning entrance. 

Storefront windows make the home feel more open.
Because of the large panes within each window and door, the amount of light, view and size of the window give the room a larger appearance.

Storefront windows put the outdoors in display ... almost creating an art piece 
from the view.
Similar to window shopping in a retail setting, storefront windows are large, open and show off the best views to be had.

Storefront windows let in more than ample amounts of light.
Pouring into each room of this home, is gorgeous, uninterrupted lighting that brings colors, and character in each space.

Lastly, as we've said  ... Storefront windows FRAME YOUR VIEW.
We look forward to continue to create treasures within each room of this home and make the view we are framing impeccable.

Stay tuned for more on the cabinetry, tile, stone and flooring in this home. 
Part 3 of the series coming soon!!

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