Thursday, July 9, 2015

Custom Build Series - New Orleans Inspired Home Part 1: The Doors

Build, build, build... we are constantly covered in dust and mud:), but we are certainly enjoying the design processes behind these gorgeous custom homes!

We'd like to welcome you to our newest build blog series!!

We are so excited to be designing a clean lined, New Orleans inspired custom home in Bartonville, TX with an amazing builder, Hawkins Welwood.

This home has many, many unique characteristics that we are forming. One of our first, and favorite details throughout the home ... 

The Custom Doors.

We started off with gathering several inspiration images to spark our imagination for the design of their interior and exterior doors.

These black steel doors struck us from the beginning ... and we went with the push!

Adding pattern into the door whether it be in wood, glass or mirror was also an idea we couldn't wait to implement.

Now our dreams (and our clients) are starting to come to life!!
Custom, solid hand carved wood doors with custom stains is the name of this game:

The carving pattern of the front door was carefully thought out and 
planned to be beautiful.

With a custom rich stain, these geometric pattern carved doors are the perfect 
entrance to the grand master bedroom.

We added glass panes into this "x" patterned door for a different look 
entering the craft room.

Rehme black framed steel doors encase many of the exterior openings of this home, 
and we are so pleased with how this look is turning out!

Stay tuned for more on the cabinetry, tile, stone and flooring in this home. 
Part 2 of the series coming soon!!

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