Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to Dress your Windows!

Window treatments speak a whole new language. In so many ways. But they are also necessary in so many ways. We need them to soften windows, add color, introduce pattern....

There are terminologies that are associated with drapes that sound like foreign languages! 

We are here to simplify a few of the most important types of windows that may require window treatments for YOU!

Bay Windows:
You can do a couple of different treatments on bay windows. In this photo, we created 3 custom cornice board to join together and perfectly fit the angles of the window. If you choose to go with drapes, we are sure to use angled bracket connectors on your drapery rods so they we can match the angle on point.

Tall Windows:
How tall is too tall? No window can be too tall. These homes had some serious height on their windows and we chose to take the drapes all the way above both sets of windows in order to draw the eye UP instead of cutting it off halfway.

Arched or Interest Windows:
If you have a window grouping that has an arched top, or a mullion pattern that you want to show off, how do you handle it without covering up the interesting part? Here we chose to create a modern cafe curtain that was traversing and was mounted below the interest but still followed the curve of the window.

Shuttered Windows:
Many people don't know the "etiquette" when it comes to shuttered windows and drapes. Should you, could you, add curtains? The answer is yes. You CAN, but you also don't have to. When we add drapes to shuttered windows we usually create a one-width panel and pull them to either side, not to block more of the window than necessary.

Doors with Windows:
Roman Shades -- is the answer to this game. We do it all the time .. and love it.

And the real name of the game is ... let TCI help you create your dream window treatments for your incredible windows!

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