Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Client Project: Kitchen Color Scheme - Turquoise and Yellow

Kitchens are meant to be bright and happy. They should make you WANT to be in them ... to cook, to live ... and lets me honest .. to clean ;)

A color scheme that we are loving to implement is a bright and 
happy turquoise and yellow scheme.

As always, we used a base scheme of whites, grays and neutrals to set the stage ... then by adding pops of yellow and turquoise in the banding on a roman shade, accessories on the counter, and fabrics, we accomplished our goal!

TCI Project Link

When you are bringing such a bright color to a room, it's best to only introduce it in small doses... or unique places. Like a light fixture or bowl of fruit.

TCI Project Link

We grabbed a few turquoise and yellow "pops" from around Houzz to show YOU how bringing these small items into a space makes a huge difference!

Teal Small Pendant - We love this ombre look and daintiness of this pendant.

Yellow Metal Chair - Easy to clean, bright and happy to look at!

White and Yellow Chevron Tile - Want to be a little more bold?? This will do it for you ;)

Large Turquoise Carafe - The blue iciness of this crystal clear carafe is almost too good to look at!

And a final product can be completed!! 
We even brought this color scheme into the open adjacent family room.

TCI Project Link

What bright colors would you choose for your dream kitchen?? 

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