Thursday, May 14, 2015

Me on TV? "Man Cave" .... or "She Shed" ??

Somehow I got on several producers lists of potential reality show candidates...
Offers to be on...
Dating shows, Lifestyle reality shows but mostly Design related.

I sometimes refer to my design firm as the female version
of Flipping Out... starring Jeff Lewis...and I'd love to take a stab,
but seriously lack the time.

The last offer is described below... a cool idea for sure!

We've all heard of "man caves" ... and we've even designed our fair share of them!

But what about a space for the women?? A little slice of paradise for ourselves to get away and sip some wine, read a good book, or just be quiet??

Well, Retale Blog out there came up with quiet the invention, and it's turning into one of our favs.

The "She-Shed".

Every girl needs one ... we've decided. 
Here's why:

- He can play video games ... you'll be growing flowers

- Football game vs rustic candlelight dinner with the girls

- Poker games vs private yoga lessons

- Sipping wine and reading a book on a summer night

- Enjoying nature on a quiet Sunday

- For dreamy naps and mimosas

- For the beach ... no other explanation needed.

- Lets just say cars don't belong in this garage

- You have your Man Cave ... I'll take my She-Shed!

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