Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sunshine and Song Inspiration

All the cold, gloomy weather has gotten us in the mood to dream a little into the warmer days!

We recently saw a room designed around a SONG. What an adorable idea. 
We've seen inspiration from fashion, family, travels ... but a song. We loved the theme.

So we decided to inspire YOU a little during this cold winter with some SUNSHINE.

Prints, Canvases, or Shower Curtains to start off a great song anyone??

Yellow is such a happy color that we have used in design before, 
and love the happy effect it gives on the space:

Anything goes! From a coffee cup, to a sunburst mirror. 
Each little touch brings in a few rays of sunshine ;)

Having a happy interior will make you feel warm and cozy, even when skies are gray ;)

link to TCI Project

What song would inspire YOU?

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