Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's all in the Details - Cabinet Hardware

Who knew CABINET HARDWARE could change the look of the 
entire cabinet design it is being applied to?

Well, take this hardware for example.....
Wouldn't you agree.... THAT kitchen would be a topic of conversation?!
(in the completely WRONG WAY)

We have a few favorite styles that we love to use in
 kitchen designs and bathroom designs all the time!

 An overall theme .... simple and clean = sophisticated and luxurious. 
We love these Schaub and Company selections:
Instead of selecting a pull or knob with curls and rolls and too many things to look at ... 
go for the sleek and simple.

We love :
- polished metals
- brushed metals
- acrylic
- straight lines
- mixed mediums

A few examples of OUR work -- 
Here this glass drop pull changes this custom vanity instantly!

See Full TCI Project HERE 

A simple metal bar pull creates an interest on a flat panel cabinet drawer!

See Full TCI Project HERE 

Go Jazz up YOUR cabinets for the NEW YEAR!

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