Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Make an Entrance... you know I do!

Your Foyer ....

* It is the beginning of the canvas for your entire home.
* It is the space that sets the tone for the next steps throughout the rooms
* It should be fantastic

We have a few of our top picks to help spice up your foyer for this season ... 
but first, a few Christmas specific ideas!

Keeping your original decor and adding to it with a few pops of Christmas fun. 
A small pine tree, a couple of colored balls and a little addition of white for snow effect always tops it all off!

Finding the perfect garland is always key. 
These pine leaf garlands draped perfectly along the banister with the paper snowflakes in the background make for a beautiful entry staircase.

Now OUR top pics for Entry Decor to spruce up your Foyer!!
A Wreath -- Something out of the ordinary ... something new. 
A driftwood wreath or gold metal wreath. You would be the talk of the neighborhood!

link and link

Why not a fun splash of polka dot under your feet for this holiday season?? 
(Kate Spade anyone!?)

Looking for that perfect piece of furniture to sit upon this winter? 
Why not choose something that will make a statement as your guests enter your home?

link and link

Lighting always brightens.... no pun intended. 
Grab that perfect lamp to adorn your entryway table and your guests
 will be talking about it all night!

Now get to work making that foyer the best on the block! 
(Looking forward to some house party invites after this post ;)))

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