Thursday, December 11, 2014

Courtney's New House Journals - and Modern Hearth Ideas

Hi TCI Readers! Courtney Here--
Welcome to our home...
We have WALLS!
 (the entryway looking into the family room and the family room looking into the kitchen)

After just a few days, the sheetrock has been hung and brick has been laid. 
One by one this home is coming together!!

(family room)

And now that means I am going to have to start finalizing some decisions....

Lighting...backsplash .... and the current issue ... the hearth stone.

*Because of where our firebox is, we are required to have a hearth by fire code. 
The stone surround is a linear 12x24 vein cut limestone. So for the hearth, I thought it would be interesting to do a  rough-edge natural gray stone slab set on the floor.* 
This has proved harder to find than I thought. BUT i haven't given up hope yet!

Have you considered stone hearths??
Here are a few modern floating stone slab hearth ideas out there that we love:


This one is interesting. The stone is cut and laid in a herringbone pattern...
which blends nicely with its surroundings.

And why not throw in a Christmas hearth to top it all off ;)

Dress up your hearths for Christmas and I will keep you 
posted on what we decide to make ours out of!! (hopefully ..... )

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