Thursday, October 23, 2014

Design Motifs to Dream About

Design motifs are ALL around. We see them in fabrics, on walls and even outdoors!
... and no, we aren't talking about the "pineapple" motif from the 80's.

What are some of TCI's favorite design motifs?!

The Sunburst Motif:
This we see mainly in mirrors and we love to use it in different ways! In groupings, or alone, this circular explosion is a fun way to bring a splash to the room.

The Feather Motif
We just love this one. It can be used on walls as wallpaper (see below) or even as a stand alone accessory! Fill a jar full of feathers and jump on the bandwagon!

The Owl Motif
While this motif is found many times in nurseries and children's rooms (which we think is spectacular), we are also seeing this motif pop up around the house! Even on the front porch...

The Arrow Motif:
We believe this motif began as the staple "anthropology look" and was used as prints in fabrics and bedding -- That was the first look that hooked us with the "arrow" motif. But now we are loving to use this motif in NEW ways such as ARTWORK or WALLPAPER!

The Ginkgo Motif
Lastly, this asian influenced motif is a beautiful modern floral that we love to put to good use.

We used this motif as a banding on this custom shower curtain

What are YOUR favorite motifs?!

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