Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cabinet Door and Drawer Styles - How to create your dream kitchen!

Cabinet door styles can set the stage for the look and feel of the entire kitchen!

But which one do you choose?! How do you even know what’s out there?

We are partnering with Kathi Fleck of 
LoneStar Property Solutions today to tell you that answer!

But FIRST: We tell you TCI’s favorite door style ;) If you know Traci, you know there are always “options”, but “option A” is always the favorite!!

 View TCI full project of this gorgeous kitchen HERE!

 View TCI full project HERE!

  View TCI full project HERE!

  View TCI full project HERE!

 View TCI full project HERE!

If you can't tell... we love this simple, classic, straight lined cabinet style called, "Shaker". Read below to find out more about it and other styles!

Kathi Fleck shares a few of her projects and explains the differences in each door style: 
Shaker doors: Shaker style doors have a frame with recessed flat panels and square edges. With clean lines and a timeless aesthetic, shaker doors are perfect for Contemporary, Craftsman and Classic architecture homes.

Opaque glass doors: These doors, such as the frosted glass doors, are ways to personalize a kitchen and show off china.

Corner drawers: These are a twist on the corner cabinet, pulling out from the corner. You usually have to bend over backward or crawl on your hands and knees to find items inside a corner cabinet, but these fully accessible drawers help solve that problem.

Traditional doors: These cabinet doors can be customized to fit the look and feel of your kitchen design. The ones below are furniture-finished cabinets in antique white with a chocolate glaze.

Flip-up doors: Hydraulic mechanisms help raise these kinds of cabinet door up, rather than you opening them with the traditional sideways motion.
We thank Kathi for her contribution today on different types of cabinet doors! 

Which cabinet style is YOUR favorite? 
Which would you choose to make you kitchen you dream space?!

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