Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Make your Home Office more Efficient!

Want to make your home office a less stressful and more efficient space??

If you work from home… or just enjoy using your home office for pleasure, wouldn't you like for it to be a FRESH and fun place??

 Use these 4 tips to get started that we implemented 
in our favorite home office project!

1. Look OUT.
It calms us to look at nature and the natural sunlight. Position your desk to 
where you peer out a window.

2. Use wood with wood grain or painted wood. 
This brings more nature inside as well and tends to be more peaceful as well as natural.

3. Utilize Built - Ins. 
Having options in which to spread things out or reposition yourself throughout the day will help to give your mind a rest, such as a built in hutch to organize your "stuff" or a window seat to "take a break".

4. Be able to see the door. 
Subconsciously this gives your mind ease, knowing that you can see anyone entering… and YOU can also exit to take a breather ;)

Let us know how YOU like to work!

Clearly, WE work very calmly and efficiently in our soothing space ;) 
At least there is a great view!! 

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