Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bring some BLING to your Bath

So, guess who's master bathroom shower is leaking?
It's time for me to become a TCI client and get a new bathroom!

When thinking about what I want for my new space, this thought comes to mind...

What girl does not love a bathroom that makes them feel beautiful? 
Well, the bathroom itself has a lot to do with that feeling!

Bright, light, and sparklybring on the bling … in a sophisticated-type manner ;)

In this award winning guest bathroom, we used polished chrome
 to accentuate all the "shine" in the space.

Light fixtures, hardware and plumbing fixtures …. they all GLEAMED with beauty.

CRYSTAL anyone??

We adorned the custom vanity with two perfectly picked crystal hardware pulls for a dainty look.

Using these design styles sparingly, we chose a faint blue dotted wallpaper to cover both the walls and ceiling that perfectly complemented the white flower chandelier. 

While searching for unusual bathroom bling.(yeah look that up!!)
… We ran across these gems and couldn't wait to share them.

For our "sparkle-loving" clients out there --
May we present to you the Towel Robe Hook from Swarovski Crystal

As well as the matching Small Towel Ring Holder

And who doesn't need a crystal-lavished soap dish from Swarovski Crystal as well??

Now I will probably go a bit mild on the "bling" for me, but...
let us know if you need help bringing your bathroom up to "beauty" standards!

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