Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Skinny on Vent Hoods

If you could pick one element from the kitchen 
to be the "focal point" what would you pick?

We like to think the vent hood is the "fireplace of the kitchen". Similar to how the fireplace is the focal point of a family room… 
the vent hood can really set the stage for an incredible kitchen.

There are so many options how there…
how do you know what is the right one for you??

We are breaking it down to 3 different types for YOU. Check it out.

The WOOD Vent Hood:
This can be done several different ways. 
You can paint, stain, or faux finish these hoods. 
You can carve, notch and design them however you please.
See more of this project HERE

These are two of our favorite wood vent hoods that we have completed in our clients homes. Our favorites are to create a geometric repetition in the design and 
use paint to accent this showstopper piece.
See more of this project HERE

The HIDDEN Ventilation:
If you took a quick glance at this stove top, you would have no idea there was a 
"vent hood" even in this kitchen.
See more of this project HERE

But look closely -- It is carefully stored within the island and can pop up for needed use and then released back down… unseen!! Shocker.
This one is made by Frigidaire.

Lastly.. The METAL Vent Hood.
Stainless steel -- This particular project completed by TCI used a glass and metal 
vent hood to produce a modern, stunning result.
See more of this project HERE

These hoods come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 
Some are mixed with glass for added difference.
A few Frigidaire stainless steel options.

So what do YOU think? What's the HOOD for you??

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