Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Painting your Interior Doors …. Black??

Calling all design goo-roo's.
We want YOU to weigh in on this topic!!

What do you think of the newest design trend… painting your interior doors black??

Here are a few of the ideas around this topic:

1. They are a classy look: A bold statement in an otherwise ordinary space

2. A black door can help to complement the other black colors throughout the space

3. The easily hide: If you have a door panel that you aren't fond of…. 
the black paint camouflages it.

4. A black door can frame out a space: It's almost like looking 
through a piece of artwork!

5. Best one yet -- They hide fingerprints!!

We want to know YOUR thoughts.
 Be sure and leave a comment telling us if this new fad will stick around or not!!

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