Thursday, June 19, 2014

Humor Relief: Bathroom Design Fails

As Designers, we usually see things a little different. 
We notice things the average person doesn't.
 But in these circumstances….
ANYbody would notice the strange things going on in these pictures!!

For a little comic relief, and if you need a laugh this Thursday… READ ON!!

--…… really NO words for this one!!! My favorite is the squatting legs on the last vanity!

- Not quite sure what kind of family enjoys a dinner at their dining table 
while sitting next to another family member bathing…..???


- Using this restroom really might help speed up the process. DON'T LOOK DOWN!


- This is unfortunate….. Wouldn't the toilet paper get all wet??


- Wonder how this installation went? Did they install the toilet and 
THEN realize the door wouldn't close?


If you would like an AWESOME bathroom that doesn't look a 
thing like these don't forget to call us ;)

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