Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wood Storage for Contemporary Spaces

Thinking of a unique way to store your firewood this season?? We are designing a beautiful 
home full of very different architectural details in a minimalistic space. This "log wall" will 
hopefully serve as both useful and as a piece of art.

The texture and depth that is created by the stacked logs in a contemporary space is unique 
and needed when the space is void of such characteristics.

It creates its own architectural feature when built into a part of the space.

This really does take the place of art above the mantel...and it is useful!

The asymmetrical balance of the light window and the textured logs is the main
 interest catcher of this wonderful, modern space.

What do you think? Trying the wooden log idea in your future??

1 comment

  1. I ADORE the look but I think I would find it too messy in reality. But it looks amazing so maybe I could handle it!


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