Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Client Project: Geometric Staircase Runners

Many times while designing a clients home, we get the question...should our staircase be carpeted or wood? We think we have found a great solution to that open ended question!

First... Who lives there? If this is your main staircase, think twice about installing wood if there
are kiddos in the house- A) Slip and fall down factor and B) NOISE!

Our client, New York, New York, didn't have children in the home, however,
we wanted that WOW! factor in the front foyer. Check out what we did..


DURING: Selections


So read on and see why a geometric patterned runner down the center of the 
staircase is a great idea for many reasons!

1.There is 2 main ways to accomplish this runner... you can create a "Hollywood runner" 
which hugs every nook and cranny of a staircase, with the carpet affixed to the tread, 
around the nose and to the riser; or a "waterfall runner" which falls directly from the 
nose of the tread to the back of the next tread without being affixed to the riser face in between. Either style creates a great palette for a bold geometric pattern.

2. Tight geometric patterns can hide dirt and tracks easily!

3. Large scale patterns make the space feel more grand and larger.

4. Finding a geometric pattern that accentuates the flow of your staircase can help
with the flow of your space.

5. A runner makes for a great rug at staircase landings.

6. Each style creates a new home of its own. It is a great way to jump start the design of your home!

Try it!


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