Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your Springtime Table!

From Snow to Spring!  
How cute are these arrangements?!

A childhood friend of mine posted these top two 
on Facebook, and I had to share...

The creative floral designer is Abby's Floral Design of Suwanne, Georgia
and hopefully my Atlanta friends will check out her gorgeous, edgy florals...

I may even attempt making these... will let you know:).

Thinking ahead, here are some Easter Table ideas
from the old pros at HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens:

*Dressed Votives*

*You know how much I love these glass domes... so versatile*

*Two ideas using chocolate bunnies*

*Another use for your Martini glasses*

*Simplicity at its' best*

Let me know if you try one of these ideas or please share your favorite!

Until next time,

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  1. Those are great ideas! I'm so thrilled I found your blog!!! I'm a Plano blogger...LOVE design, and am thrilled to follow along with you and the local gems you find!


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