Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bunking at Steamboat Springs

The joys of Spring Break...
without any "breaks"- whew!

We just returned from Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a few days of skiing with friends... 
and had a blast!  Interestingly enough, our condo would not keep an internet connection 
for long so I was forced to take a real vacation from work... sigh.  I'm back:)

While we weren't busy trying to keep up with this one...

or this one...

I did sneak a couple of pics of some of nature's beauty from the top of the peak-

The good news is that my knee held up and I got in three great days of skiing!

Off the slopes, my mind drifted off to the place it frequently goes...
good great design.

With four kids in tow, they definitely needed a place to 
crash after a day of nonstop skiing and boarding...

Thank goodness for Bunk Beds!  

If you are thinking of buying a cabin in the mountains,
get creative and bunk the kids... check these out-

My favorite... easy to do with paint-

The whole package!

1-2-3-4-5-6 kids?

I love how they used the architecture of the ceiling to pocket the bunks...

How fun is this???

or this loft?

When the kids are out, how about relaxing in a space like this?

or this will do!

Here's a shot of the whole crew... sorry about Wes' head...:)

I think that's the last bit of Winter... time to think Spring!

Until next time,

Images via* Moi,,

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