Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Decor: Connell Style

Most of you should be all finished with your holiday decorating... right?

Here's a sneak peek at our house, but let me preface it with the fact that not EVERYTHING is turquoise or blue in our home!  Maybe I'm a bit drawn to it these days, but I do know how to incorporate other colors with it.  Our family fondly calls it the "Oyster Bay House"...

Sherwin Williams Color #6206 .

After looking at the pics, they really don't do it justice but here you go!

Family room mantle... red with a bit of blue!

Try this at home... add ribbon of different colors with ornaments tied in-

Love my Santa but he looks a bit tipsy...

A bit of Oyster Bay in the kitchen

Custom artwork by none other than La Montage

Easy centerpiece idea- lidded glass urn with decorative ornaments inside
(battery operated lights on the table garland... need to be replaced!)

More swags of garland... drape them on any clear surface!

A few festive floral pieces added to an existing topper-

The foyer tree

The dreaded stairway garland
(my least favorite part of holiday decorating!)

More art from La Montage and decorative books from Elle Design...
more nailhead for me!
Funny piece of info on the paper angel. I actually made her in a craft class
about 13 years ago and she has survived...barely!

A few of my favorite ornaments starting with sparkle...

and sweetness! Avery's soccer coach made this out of dried pasta ... so cute!

Meaningful... One summer many, many years ago, my mom and I used our feet to
find lots of sand dollars on the ocean floor of Hilton Head Island.
We patiently allowed the sun to bleach them and we added decoupage details,
applied varnish and had ornaments!
Still love them!

 This is funny... Ashley returned from Manchester on Sunday and searched all the Christmas Markets for an "Oyster Bay" ornament for my foyer tree. She was so proud when I opened it only to find that it is the completely wrong shade of blue! I love it anyway!

"The Kid Tree:)"

Our splurge... exterior lights-

Our savings... Mike's work out back...even prettier.

Take the time to drink some eggnog and remember the reason for the season.

Until next time,

Images via *Moi


  1. That is hilarious about the nickname "the Oyster Bay House!" Your backyard is absolutely TO DIE FOR!!

  2. That was a wonderful holiday blog. It was like taking a tour of homes decorated for the holidays. You're living in a holiday wonderland.

  3. Linda Boylan-Peri Nicole InteriorsDecember 9, 2010 at 8:13 AM

    Beautiful Traci! I love your house anyway, especially since I love and have your colors in my house. Your holiday decor is wonderful! I wish you and your family a very blessed holiday! So glad to know you and the ladies of IDS!

  4. Love the decorations! Everything looks so beautiful, I am a huge fan of peacock feather (wore them as a hairpiece in a wedding I was just in)! Will definitely be using some of these ideas while decorating my place.


  5. Thanks to all of you! It's great to "see" you here, Steph!

  6. I love the decorations. It's truly meaningful and detailed. How greatful you are that you have such talent and dedication in your designs.


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