Friday, December 3, 2010

Gifts for Girls: Glam Rooms and Glam Parties!

Ahhh.... little girls!  Where did mine go? 

I excitedly recorded "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" last night and requested that I have a smaller, blonde viewing partner. Austin is no longer small, so it is either the 24 year old blonde (hmmm...) or the 12.5 year old blonde. 
Let's see who is taking their xmas list creation seriously....

This time of year, lots of little girls want magical rooms and magical parties and
I want to share both with you.

Here is a project of mine that has gone from crib stage to big girl bed,
but it is near and dear to my heart.

Connell Interiors can help you give this

gift to your princess!


The chair rail application is the most unique feature of the entire room...

Don't forget the small details...

Here's what the room looked like after install #1... newborn stage-

Nadia is growing up!
Love her and love her Momma!


Along with a new fabulous girly room, here's another idea that is sure to please...

No pressure, Momma, but take a peek at a fun winter party idea
that any mom little girl would absolutely die for!

Brilliantly created by Kim from the TomKat Studio and

this Glam Snowgirls party is sure to please!

Check out both blogs by Kim and Tanya for over the top party ideas,
printables and a whole lot of eye candy!

So, throw the party and give a little castle to your sweetie...
call me to help bring in the bling!

Until next time,

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  1. That party is adorable! My daughter turns 5 this week and I've been a crafy-maniac making all the goodies for her Pancakes & Pajamas party this weekend!

    yes -- I'm still here, reading through! :)


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