Saturday, July 24, 2010

Traci Loves Turquoise

I know... I know... enough of the turquoise!  I've had a realization that since my maiden name was Turco, I do think it should have been spelled Turquo...due to my obsession with this color (which is of course ...second to my obsession with "Wicked").

Just when I think that I should find a new favorite color of the season,

my daughter comes home with this...

Remember the post I did a few weeks back after literally falling in love with the
Global Views showroom at the WTC... well if you recall, almost the
entire showroom was draped in turquoise and orange!

I do have to say I had a hand in naming the volleyball team "Cereal Killers"
and then of course,
matching cereal names to their personalities and physical features. 

My Avery is the setter on her team and is the smallest gal on the court...
earning the name "Mini Wheat"...
the creativity runs in the family!

Back to turquoise- I had the privilege of meeting with a new client for a few consultations
in her new home- and this "Dell Doll" has  lots of style goin' on!

This is an original art piece that she'd like to place over the mantle in her living room.

With a contemporary look on the rise, we agreed to go white on the main walls,
but paint the fireplace wall
 (with fireplace and mantle included)...

Moving into the adjacent dining room, I think I have her talked
 into pulling in the turquoise by
(drum roll please)....
wallpapering the ceiling! 

 Not all homeowners can pull this off, but Dell Doll has what it takes!

Here are some options:

or maybe...

which may give us a look similar to this- but in the dining room!

or this...

or if we are lucky... this!

While shopping this week, I did run across more glam paired with turquoise

Crystal Prisms Diamonds are a girl's best friend-


More beauties from Uttermost

Love the details!

I do hope she saves money in the budget to pull off the ceiling...

Here's one last pic today- a sneak peek at The Bachelor's dining room ceiling,
but in a faux finished Olde World look. 

It works!

Let's dress your ceiling- call me!

Until next time,

Images via: Moi, Caldwell Flake (thank you House of Turquoise), Bear Hill Interiors,


  1. This Traci totally LOVES turquoise!!! Do you think it's in the name? ;-)

  2. I don't know about wallpapering a ceiling turquoise. I think it's taking a big chance since it's more permanent than paint. You know how trendy colors are - especially the bright ones. A turquoise ceiling can cause family friction. How about turquoise paint? I think Dell Doll is a little overwhelmed.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Deanna. At times, my job is to encourage my clients to step out of their comfort zone and do something to create drama... if that is the look they are going for. Dell Doll is definitely the "Peak of Chic" and I think she can pull it off!

  4. I love wall paper on the ceiling...I did my kitchen with a black and white toile and red walls! It looks fab!
    BTW, when I was a little girl, my dad did one of our bathrooms in turquoise and rust. It was the most beautiful bathrooms I have ever seen.


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