Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sticking to Design Boards!

When my youngest daughter entered kindergarten, my goals were to:

1. Learn to play tennis
2. Learn to sew
3. Start scrapbooking

Needless to say, I chose to ramp up my design business instead and left these goals in the dust.  While I have had a bit of guilt over the last 7 years about this, here are my justifications:

1. Took up running instead (and now gave it up due to injury)
2. Contract sewing out
3. The boxes of photos will always be there

Over the weekend, I was forced to delve into #3... Scrapbooking.  My son has an English project and he has to create a Tapestry of Writing: A Personal Autobiography... basically essays complete with photos in a scrapbook.

My reasons for never beginning to create these elaborate memory scrapbook pages for my kids are the following:

1. I would become obsessed with the project (check)
2. Each page would have to look as if it was up for an award (kind of check...had to let this one go!)
3. I could not deal with the mess (check)

In my design business, my "scrapbook" pages are actually "design concept boards" that I create for clients to show them the vision of the room I am proposing.  It tells a story and illustrates the outcome.

Here... I'm in my comfort zone-

Here... not so much
All you Scrapbookers out there... please be kind! My very first attempt (that is our first attempt)-
Other than the fact that my son is now 14 and he was not thrilled with the fact that his friends will see this, we continued on and made this...

And this...

And now we are left with this...

... for as long as we can stand it!

After we complete the next 7 pages, I think I will go back to creating the design boards for my clients and take up "scrapbooking" when I retire:).

Until next time,


  1. Definitely with you on the scrapbooking - it was just way too overwhelming for me! Kudos to those who have the time and creativity to do it. I wish blogs had been something back in the day my girls were growing up - that's what I would have done to document their lives and show off some pics. Love your concept board!

  2. I agree... and very time consuming! I do wish I had more time to cruise all the awesome blogs out there- very creative people:). Thanks for checking in, Laurie!


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