Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello, Yellow!

Hello Spring, Hello Yellow!

It all started with a yellow piece of art that I had to have... then I had no where to put and no client that needed it.  It didn't matter because I knew that I was going to design a Yellow and Gray themed room- for someone!  That someone ended up being my 23 year old daughter, who does not have my "design" gene and had no opinion on a new color scheme for her bedroom in Austin... especially since Mom was footing the bill for the bedding:).  I tried to inspire her with this-

As we hauled the pewter colored bedding up to the register, I told her she would need to find bright yellow sheets.  She actually followed through on it and I was determined to find a yellow lamp... and finally I did!

Gotta love Homegoods!

I wish I could post a picture for you but I'm not sure it is ever cleaned up enough to accomplish that task... I'll put the pressure on.  The good news is that one of my clients is going for the combo!  Oh, Canada! took the bait and we have a fabulous plan for her kids' gameroom!  Here are her fabrics from GreenhouseFabrics:

Silver Lining for the sofa

Lemon (similar version for chair)

Ash- window treatments... love it!

Grey- Pillows?  It's "my" classic shape with a dragonfly!

Seashell- "pleather" ottoman with silver nailhead... ahhhh
I will be able to post pictures from Oh, Canada!'s project since she keeps her house tidy:)

Here some other fabulous photos with yellow and gray... you could be next!

Great use of mirrors on the cabinet doors

It doesn't get much better than this!

How about this for a pop?!

Until next time,

Images via: America Daffodil Society, Coastal Living, Greenhouse Fabrics and Moi


  1. I hear you, Traci! I did my sister's house, and there is NO way I can take photos in there ... unless I get them to move out temporarily, hire a major cleaning crew, and put back all the accessories. Oh well! We love them anyway. :-)

    Oh, and I love the gray with dragonflies!

  2. Hee hee... I'm visiting my sister in Atlanta soon and she told our mom she will have to hire a handyman before I get there:)


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