Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Decorating Mistakes that Make Your House Look Messy

As designers, our eyes are DRAWN to clutter. If you can de-clutter, you can live more glamorously with EASE.

We have a few tips to help you not make common mistakes that lead to clutter and mess...and we are the queens of creative storage solutions! Hide what you can:)

1. Keep Furniture Away from Walls: 
When furniture pieces are pushed against walls it seems to close the space in and 
appear everything is  lined up.

2. Fluff Your Pillows on your Sofa:
While this may sound silly ... your sofa can look like its in shambles if the cushions 
aren't sitting nicely.

3. Keep Cords Hidden:
Under consoles, by nightstands etc ... keep those cords hidden!

4. Less Clutter on Shelves:
Instead of accessories on accessories ... choose your favorite 5 and arrange them specifically for those pieces.

5. Hang Pictures in an Organized Fashion:
If you have a collage wall or several art images hung on the wall, create order to the space.

Go -- De Clutter -- Enjoy your HOME

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