Tuesday, August 22, 2017

LED Lighting in the KITCHEN

Lights are the future of spectacular kitchen design!
You may have heard of different types of lightbulbs buzzing around the market these days, but we are here to tell you why LED lights can be the best decision for YOUR space.

We love to use LED strip lighting in glass cabinets or under-cabinet lighting.
These 3 reasons will convince you this IS the best decision!

1. Energy Savings: 
Extended use lighting such as LED's will increase your lifetime of a bulb
See more of this TCI Project HERE

2. Size:
Underside of cabinets are getting less and less deep and the 1" deep lighting design has needed a change. LED's come in a variety of different sizes for this specific need!
See more of this TCI Project HERE

3. Color:
Beautiful, light and WHITE design is all the rage right now, and we are needing to move away from the yellow lighting that cast "dirty" light on stunning design. LED's shine a soft white light on whatever their design is!
See more of this TCI Project HERE

Are you a LED believer??

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