Thursday, June 29, 2017

What's YOUR neutral??

Many people love either gray, or beige .... few like both .... and some don't know 
WHICH one they like! 

What are OUR Favs??!


                  Benjamin Moore Rever Pewter                  Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

                Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray                 Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Houzz recently compared the two and we loved several of their ideas!

It's best to pick one or the other. 
On rare occasions you can mix the two and we will show you when later. But ultimately, deciding which is your fav is the first place to start.

A beige will warm things up. 
This neutral tone has a natural tendency to warm a room without creating a yellow 
or "old" hue to it.

Contrast with beige.
There are so many different types of beiges, that is makes for an easy contrast 
in many rooms.

Gray. This neutral can be color's best friend.
Gray will pop a bright color in awesome ways!

Black makes great accents with both grays and beiges. 

When a neutral is so close to gray OR beige, it's ok to mix them. 
When the line is blurry ... go for it. Mix away and enjoy!

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