Thursday, June 8, 2017

TCI Featured on the Cover of Dallas Style and Design

We are honored to be featured on the front cover of Dallas Style and Design with one of my very favorite projects!

 Check out our ten page spread HERE on page 218-228 and learn about our “Ease of Glamour” approach with this beautiful new build.

I’m a mom of three, and I get that spills happen, so I try to outfit my clients’ homes with durable materials that stand up to life’s little messes. Our first priority is to provide a beautiful living space that our clients are eager to come home to. 

Secondly, we want that beauty to last, so we equip most of our projects with indoor/outdoor fabrics and rugs, scrubbable paint and nonporous surfaces like quartz. 

Many of our clients entertain frequently and feel at ease knowing that their sleek white sofa sourced by TCI can withstand the occasional spilled red wine.

I make it my goal to grasp my clients’ aspirations, learn their stories, understand their day-to-day, and develop a rapport while creating the design plan. This project was a prime example of that!!

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