Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dare to be Dark

We're all about the LIGHT and BRIGHT kitchens, but every once in a while it might be good to switch it up and step out of your comfort zone!

How do you even start to do that? WELL, we are here to tell you how.

1. Go black on the cabinets and white on the walls. This provides enough contrast to bring light into the space and not close in the room. Also, by adding skylights to your renovation you can greatly increase your amount of natural light.

2. Too afraid of changing the cabinet finish? Leave that light and paint one or two walls dark instead and offset it by adding a piece of dark furniture (aka the bar stools) to bounce the dark color around the room.

3. Try the same tactic as #2 but instead just paint one wall of cabinets and offset it with a piece of dark furniture on the opposite side of the room.

4. Don't be afraid of going dark in a galley kitchen. By creating natural light through a window wall or skylights and painting the walls white you can lighten the space in new and different ways.

5. Is all that too scary? Try just painting the island dark and use a color. Such as this dark blue paint featured on Houzz as Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball.

Light or Dark? What's your kitchen preference?!

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