Friday, March 31, 2017

Cabinet Drawer Uses You Didn't Know You Needed!

We all have "those" cabinet drawers that accumulate JUNK. 
And they usually drive me crazy ... but I can't avoid having them.

Well these 6 drawers not only make me super jealous, but also ready to implement ALL of these in every.single.home..... including my own.

Starting with my personal fav ...
I mean .. come on..... does this even need an explanation?! 

The Cutting Board Drawer:
This is not your typical cutting board drawer .. because we've seen that before. This has a hole in it that drops directly into the trash can. Bring on the onions .. I'm ready to chop!

The Trash Can Drawer:
Yes, we've seen the double trash can drawer as well ... but not with a special slot for the extra trash bag boxes!! I always go on a hunt for the extra bags ... not anymore.

 The Plate Drawer:
No more sliding around or extra stacking necessary. These specially placed pegs hold each plate in every size perfectly in tact.

The Spice Drawer:
Who twists and turns each spice bottle every time you go to search for one? Well, this easy to view spice drawer eliminate this problem!

The Baking Drawer:
With measuring tins, each ingredient is available and ready to go!

See how a drawer can be so much more than just a drawer??

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