Tuesday, February 7, 2017

STYLE THAT: Bookcase Edition

Styling AGAIN!

I think many people worry most about their bookcases. What to put on them, how many books to use vs objects ... how much "dead space" to have vs how crowded to make them.

We are here to give you our top tips on bookcase STYLING!

1. Incorporate personal items with "styled" items:
Do you have personal books that mean something to you? Don't be afraid to mix in personal with hand picked items

2. Incorporate Greenery:
We love to add in pops of succulents or moss to add some color without being "in your face" or old times

3. Blank Space is Happy Space:
It IS ok to skip a shelf!! (insert shocked emoji face) We love to white wrap our books (or whatever color works for your room) and stack them sideways or lay them down for easy, beautiful styling

See full room below:

4. Series, Pairs and Like Items:
Use three of the same vases side by side of a uniform, unique and classic look!

Get to styling!

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