Thursday, December 15, 2016

Glamour-Guard your Christmastime with Pets

Merry Puppy Christmas from Buxley! 
We knew your Christmas wouldn't be complete without seeing this face!
(Ashley's sweet "son")

Our TCI family alone has many pets ... and if we were to all get together WITH our pets, I can be sure to say, we would need every surface protected in our home.

We've educated you guys on our Ease of Glamour, as we like to call it ... and how we take as many glamorous precautions as necessary to protect your beautiful design, and you never even know it!

These puppy images, courtesy of Crypton Fabrics, showcase just one of the simple ways to make sure your pretty fabrics stay just that, .... PRETTY.

What is a good Christmas present for your fellow puppy lover this season? A gift of livable luxury design is always a plus ;) TCI can help you out with that!

If you're in need of a few fun ideas, check these out that we found -

Peek-a-boo Art

His and her coffee cups

Kitty measuring cups anyone??

Our personal fav ;)

Prep for your pet loving Christmas can now be checked off your list!

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