Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Glamour Guard Your House for Christmas Fun

Do you have lots of Christmas fun approaching in the next few weeks??

Christmas parties bring friends, family and fun all together... but with it comes MESS. While most of the mess is cleanable... we want ALL the mess to be gone. No remnants of any stains leftover from the night before. 

Rugs take the brunt of the action. It's where people step, eat over, and drink over. We want to protect those beautiful rugs.

How do we make this happen?? 

We use our friends at Fiberseal to not only protect our furniture but our RUGS as well. 

By adding a layer of protection, the liquid then beads up on the fibers instead of soaking in, allowing it to be easily wiped up and not STAIN.

So fill that rug with presents and a beautifully decorated tree and sit back in ease knowing it will survive the Christmas season!

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