Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Light It Up: Brighten a Dimly Lit Room

Do you have dark rooms in your home that you need to brighten up??

We've found some beginner tips on how to achieve this look ... and the simple, efficient and practical way!!

1. Embrace White
May sound like a no-brainer but using white and lots of it will always open up a room. Don't limit yourself to just the walls ... be sure to add pops of white in the furniture and artwork as well!

2. Wash the Walls with Light
Sconces, lamps and more ... using light in a useful way to brighten a room is very important. Make sure you know which areas to brighten. Washing the walls will help bounce the light around the room.

3. Cool Blue Color Scheme
The color blue brings in cool tones without darkening a room with a dingy yellow that may make a room close in. It also reminds us of the sky which is a wide, bright and open thought 

4. Accents of Black
Yes this may seem strange, but adding small bits of black helps to contrast the white and pop the brighter areas. Find thin, small accents that accomplish this purpose.

5. Change out your Lightbulbs
This may be the easiest fix of all. Change out your yellow light bulbs to a whiter, cooler light

Brighten up your home before the winter for a fresh, bright and happy feel this season!

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