Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Make Your Home a Happier Place...and Meet TCI Puppies!

With fall approaching, and cooler weather on the way, what can you do in your home to make it an even happier place?
You want your home to be a place that accomplishes these goals:
- Relaxation
- Inviting
- Warmth
- Love

Here's our top tips to get to that point!

1. Let in lots of sun!
- Open up those windows, pull back the drapes and let it shine

2. Make the entryway a welcoming place:
Add rugs, foliage and furniture for a comfortable greeting area!

3. Make your bed:
I know, I know ... who likes to do this? Well... trust us ... you will love how it makes you feel with a freshly made bed each day!

4. Add some fresh flowers:
Flowers make everyone happy -- why not bring a smile in?

5. Share it with your furry friends:
Our personal fav -- puppies just scream happy. Meet our TCI dogs!!

Traci's Dog - Ozzy ;)

Terra's dog - Chloe

 Ashley's Dog - Buxley

Courtney's Dog - Sam

Jessie's Dog - Benji

What's your happy place!?

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